AI Package Set-Up:
Jumpstart Your Amazon Success

Unlock the future of Amazon advertising with our exclusive AI Package Set-Up. For a one-time fee of 397 EUR, we offer a robust set-up designed to align with your unique brand objectives and ensure a smooth entry into the Amazon marketplace.

What's included:

🎯 Implement Top-Tier Ad Structure: Get a competitive edge right from the start. We implement our proven, secret growth ad structure into your Amazon advertising console, laying the foundation for scalable success.

🤖 Customize AI for Brand Objectives: We’ll hold an initial consultation to understand your specific goals and then tailor the advertising AI to achieve them. This AI-driven approach will manage your Sponsored Products Ad (SPA) bids and execute positive management escalations for targeted search terms and ASINs.

📞 Advise on Amazon-Related Matters: Benefit from an in-depth consultation to review your Amazon account. We’ll identify factors that could enhance or damage performance and address any open questions or topics you have about Amazon.

Next Steps:
Once payment is processed, you’ll receive an invite for your first onboarding call, marking the beginning of a transformative journey for your Amazon advertising strategy.